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student profiles chue kah wen

Engineer, Southern Steel Bhd.

"The OMBA program has provided a very flexible platform for the working adults, where the OMBA students could access to the lectures wherever they are, as long as there is internet connection. Besides that the recorded sessions ease those who missed lectures (due to other commitments), and they could re-capture the delivered information conveniently. Due to the convenience of the online mode, the program has attracted students in various places across the country, as well as in other countries. The different background and knowledge were shared, increasing the general knowledge of other students. The strong background of the academic staffs, as well as the teaching enthusiasms that I felt from them have been motivating me to learn continuously. Besides that they are humble to learn from the students, as there are experienced students in other fields. This positive attitude has encouraged the students to learn from each other. USM's GSB is a great place to study. With the strong team as well as the well learning environment will nurture more quality students, and in the future the GSB in USM will surely become one of the best business schools not only just in Malaysia, but also globally."