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Nurturing Business Sustainability

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Dean's Message


Today, it’s ‘business unusual’. Globalisation and technological breakthroughs have brought on positive changes. Yet for the same reasons, disruptions are abound in virtually all aspects of our lives. At GSB, we believe that business plays a key role in providing us with a more stable future. To that end, we believe that a business must be sustainable. It must generate positive economic outcomes, as well as promote the wellbeing of the society and preserve the environment. Essentially, creating a virtuous cycle of value for all.

Therefore, in line with our vision of nurturing business sustainability, we strive to provide you with practical insights, both by way of our courses and our research activities. We do so by imparting dynamic knowledge and skills-sets, so that you too can become agents of positive change in this world.

Come join us and take the first step to towards actualising your personal development goals with our world ranked post-graduate programmes.

Professor Dr. Azlan Amran Dean Graduate School of Business Universiti Sains Malaysia