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Dr. Azlan Amran

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Azlan Amran started his career as a lecturer at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2006. He is now a Professor at the Graduate School of Business in the same University. Prior to joining USM, he worked as an accountant for several years. He has published a significant number of articles in the area of CSR in both local and international journals. He is currently supervising PhD, MBA, and Masters candidates in CSR. At present, he holds the position of Dean at the Graduate School of Business. In terms of practical experience, he has been involved in several training and consultancy projects in Accounting-related issues and Corporate Social Reporting. He is currently holding several grants to support his research on CSR-related issues. He is also a member of the editorial board for several international journals. At the national level, he is a Technical Committee member for ISO 26000.


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Consultancy and Industrial Experience

  • Briefing and Consultation on how to apply CSR as a mechanism to generate funds for the Budi Foundation, Perak. Title of talk: “Practice of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)” on 19 October 2009