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Nurturing Business Sustainability

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Asoc ProfDr. Ellisha Nasruddin

Dr Elisha Nasrudin
Asoc Professor 
Universit Sains Malaysia


PhD (UM) Technolgy and Quality Management
Master M.Sc. (Bradford) Industrial Technolgy /Manufacturing Management
Bachelor B.Sc (Purdue University) Management

Teaching and Research Areas


  • Doctoral Research Methodology
  • Business issues and sustainable development
  • Operations Strategy
  • Social Enterprise
  • Sustainability Concept and issues


  • Gren Busines
  • Futures/Foresight Studies
  • Social novation ad organisational transformation
  • Heritage and social justice
  • Philosophy of research

Consultancy and Industrial Experience

1. Corporate consultant-trainer on ‘Charting sustainable path for organisation, for Flextronics, 01/92018 -30/12019.
Corporate c
2. Consultancy projects (through DBA supervision) for Seagate Penang (2015-2016), Thunderpint (2018-
2019), MCD Network (2019-20)


  • Ellisha Nasruddin (2016), Rethinking The Rare Earth Industry, The International Journal of
    Asian Management Briefs, Publisher Singapore Management University.
  • Suyatno, Reevany Bustami & Ellisha Nasruddin (2016), Four Scenarios of Malaysia- Indonesia Migration: From the status quo to the wildcard scenarios, The International Journal of Global Strategies.
  • Ebtiessam Labib, E. Nasruddin (2017), The impacts of social media on SMEs’ customer equity: a conceptual model, International Business Management.
  • Idola P. Putri, E. Nasruddin, J. Abdul Wahab (2018), Imagined communities and the construction of national identity, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 8/7:, 565-572.
  • Hani Kalsom Hashim, E. Nasruddin (2018), Duality of structure: study of formal and informal structures on-board the Royal Malaysian Navy ship, International Journal of Business, Economics & Law, 16, Issue 4:, 1-10.
  • Loo Saw Khuan, Ellisha Nasruddin (2018), Stakeholder salience on purchasing social responsibility activities in northern Malaysia: a focus on labour and health & safety, International Academic Journal of Science & Engineering, 5(3):, 24-42.
  • Nasruddin, E , Yeni Rosilawati, Mohammad Reevany Bustami (2019), Culture heritage and local community engagement: Analyses of Kotagede and Georgetown heritage sites, International Journal of Multicultural and Multi-religious Understanding, V6 / N5:, 825-839.

Book Chapters: 

  • Ellisha Nasruddin , M.R. Bustami , Sohail Inayatullah (2018), ‘Transformative foresight: USM leads the way’, in (Transformation 20150: The Alternative Futures of Malaysian Universities.), Penerbit USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia) , 51-73.
  • Ellisha Nasruddin and Azizal Ahmad (2019), ‘Sustainable land development and its impact: a case study of Bandar Baru Air Putih, Southwest District, Penang’, in Extended Research Abstracts: Contemporary issues in business and management. Ed. Karpal Singh Dara Singh and Shaian Kiumarsi, Graduate School of Business: Penang: 86-88.