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ASSOC. PROF. Ir. Dr. Rajendran Muthuveloo

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Business
Universiti Sains Malaysia


  • Phd Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2007
  • Certificate of Completion In Postgraduate Diploma In Psychosynthesis Counselling, University of East London, 2006
  • Postgraduate Certificate In Psychosynthesis Counselling, University of East London, 2006
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Strathclyde, 1995
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), University Malaya, 1988
  • Certification In Training (Train-The-Trainer), Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, 2013
  • MIM Certified Professional Coach, Malaysian Institute of Management, 2017


Ir. Dr. Rajendran Muthuveloo is a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia since year 2010. Prior to joining USM, Ir. Dr. Rajendran had 18 years of industrial experience at senior managerial positions with four multinational companies specializing in the field of air pollution control for oil & gas and general industries. Ir. Dr. Rajendran has authored books in the field of strategy that covers both corporate and personal strategy. He has self-developed and tested SWIM-Strategic Management Process Model, I-TOP Strategic Agility Model and RACE-The Theory of Strategic Entrepreneurship. He has won several Best Paper Awards and continuously involves in conducting research, publishing articles in international journals, presenting in seminars/conferences and consultancy towards optimizing the Return on Investment (ROI) for organizations. He is an experienced supervisor for postgraduate students in MBA, DBA and PhD research work. In terms of academic achievements, Ir. Dr. Rajendran has been Visiting Lecturer, Invited Speaker, Member of Editorial Board, Review Panel of journals, Examiner for dissertations and External Assessor/ Moderator to other Higher Education Institutions. Other than his contributions to the corporate and education industries, he plays an energetic role in serving the community and society. He is the President of Premaseva Charitable Organization, Honorary Treasurer of Academic and Administrative Staff Association USM and an active member of Persatuan Kaunseling Malaysia.

Teaching and Research Areas

Teaching: Corporate Strategy And Policy; Corporate Strategy; Seminar In Trends And Foresights In Business Strategy; Strategic Management; Seminar in Human Capital Development.

Research Interest: Crafting Winning Corporate Strategy for Business Sustainability; Strategic Agility for Business Sustainability; Global Scenario Planning; Human Capital Development comprises of Employee Classification, Employee Farming and, Heart Count; Business Ethics for Business Sustainability.

Consultancy and Industrial Experience

a. With monetary rewards
1. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Winning Business Strategy for Xpress Point in Malaysia, HYL Marketing Sdn Bhd, 01/09/2017 – 30/06/2018, RM3,000.00 (National)
2. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Industrial Effluent Treatment System for Kuria Water (M) Sdn. Bhd., HOWERN WASSER Sdn. Bhd., 12/04/2018 – 12/04/2019, RM500.00 (National)
3. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, TVET Business Viability Report, USAINS Holding Sdn Bhd, 15/01/2016 – 22/01/2016, RM2,000.00 (National)
4. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, TVET Market Survey Report, USAINS Holding Sdn Bhd, 22/02/2016 – 27/03/2016, RM8,470.70 (National)
5. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Optimisation of ROI Optimization via I-TOP Model, OCARINA Batam, Indonesia, 01/09/2012 – 30/06/2013, RM3,000.00 (International)
6. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Hrsoft Management Consultancy On Effective Market Analysis And Marketing Strategies, Hrsoft Management Consultancy, 30/09/2010 – 30/06/2011, RM1,000.00 (National)
7. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Teoh Ai Ping, Optimisation of Marketing Strategy, Rhombus Castror (M) Sdn. Bhd, 21/11/2011 – 30/06/2012, RM5,000.00 (International)

b. Without monetary rewards
1. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Green Factory Project – Recycle of Hazardous Chemical Waste (Conversion of Hazardous Waste into Non-Hazardous Waste), Seagate (M) Sdn Bhd,01/09/2016 – 30/06/2017 (International)
2. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Advisor, Advisory Panel, ICHEN Industries Sdn. Bhd.,01/04/2016 – 01/04/2017 (International)
3. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Business Plan for Start up of a Occupational Safety and Health Training Company, Safety Ware Sdn Bhd,22/11/2016 – 30/06/2017 (National)
4. Rajendran A/l Muthuveloo, Junaimah Binti Jauhar, DBA Consultancy Project Optimization of Human Capital Development via I-TOP Model, TSM Sdn Bhd,01/09/2014 – 30/06/2015 (National)

Industrial Experience (22 years):
– Technical Engineer, Associated Pan Malaysian Cement, Rawang, Malaysia.
(9/1988 – 3/1991)
– Business Development & Operations Manager, Watermech Engineering Pte. Ltd.
(The local representative of Intensiv Filter, Germany), Subang Jaya, Malaysia
(4/1991 – 3/1994)
– Regional Business Development & Country Manager for Malaysia, Air Pollution Control Division, WL Gore & Associates Inc., USA. Singapore
(4/1994 – 6/2001)
– South East Asia Sales Manager, Hyprotech Malaysia Pte. Ltd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(7/2001 – 9/2002)
– Counsellor, Faces in Focus, Elephant and Castle, London, United Kingdom.
– Counsellor, Southwark Cares, Southwark, London, United Kingdom
– General Manager, Supply Management, CS Plastic Sdn Bhd, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
(4/2007 – 6/2010)


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