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Dr. Yashar Salamzadeh

Senior Lecturer
Graduate School of Business
Universiti Sains Malaysia


  • Ph.D., Public Administration in Human Resources Management, Payam Noor University, Iran, 2015
  • EMBA, Yazd University, Iran, 2009
  • Mechanical Engineering, Urmia University, Iran, 2006


Yashar Salamzadeh is a PhD scholar in Human Resources Management and is a Senior Lecturer in Graduate School of Business at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has published more than 100 research articles in international and national journals and conferences. He has the experience of eleven years teaching in MBA and Master of management courses in five different universities. He has supervised more than 70 graduate students (On MBA and Master level) in their thesis and dissertation and is supervising 8 PhD and DBA students as well. He has developed many managerial workshops on leadership, social entrepreneurship, HRM, Business models in different countries such as Iran, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Hungary and UK. He has worked as a project management in many national and international research projects. He has the experience of five years management consultancy for different public and private organizations on Leadership, Organizational re-structuring, EFQM, Culture, HRM systems, Organizational behavior. He also has cooperated in more than twenty international journals as an editorial board member and review board member. He is also an EFQM auditor. He has served GSB as Head of “Global Strategy and Organizational Behavior” research cluster since 2018. He is leading the micro-credential initiative of GSB as well. His fields of interest include entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Universities, Leadership and digital leadership, business models, strategic management, green business and CSR, HRM (HCM) and networked organizations. Yashar can be contacted using below emails: or

Teaching and Research Areas

Teaching: Digital Leadership, Human Capital Development, Consultancy and Training, Project Management, Green Business, Strategic Management, HRM, OB. 

Research Interest: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Universities, Leadership and Digital Leadership, Business Models, Strategic Management, Green Business and CSR, HRM (HCM) and Networked Organizations

Consultancy and Industrial Experience

Working in more than 10 consultancy projects in different fields of management including organizational re-structuring, HRM, Culture, OB,…
Five years of experience to work as management consultant in Tehran City Council.
Team member of consultancy projects on economic impact (HRM and CSR sections) for Intel Malaysia and USM. 


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