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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Today, it’s ‘business unusual’. Globalisation and technological breakthroughs have brought on positive changes. Yet for the same reasons, disruptions abound in virtually all aspects of our lives. At GSB, we believe that business plays a key role in providing us with a more stable future. To that end, we believe that a business must be sustainable. It must generate positive economic outcomes, as well as promoting the wellbeing of society and preserving the environment. Put simply, firms should create a virtuous cycle of value for all.

Therefore, in line with our vision of nurturing business sustainability, we strive to nurture responsible business leaders with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to drive business sustainability. We also provide our students with practical insights, both by way of our courses and our research activities.

We do so by imparting dynamic knowledge and skillsets so that you too can become agents of positive change in this world. In the process, we strive to transform you into competent and holistic business leaders equipped with the relevant skills required to make a difference.

Finally, I would like to thank you for choosing GSB and wish you all the best as you begin a highly rewarding journey that is challenging and demanding, yet exciting. Rest assured you are well on your way to a transformative learning experience with memories that will last a lifetime.