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The DBA programme at GSB is a doctoral programme designed especially for those who seriously wanting to not only pursue their careers in Business Administration but also seeking to be leaders in their own right within the business they are involved in. This is the reason for why, unlike PhD programme, the DBA is carefully designed so our student’s journey is filled with elements that matters most to enhanced impact made to their careers and on stakeholders they deal with. The main goal of the DBA programme is to produce business leaders with holistic perspective bearing these leadership attributes:

  • Can unravel complex business issues and provide practical solutions to marketplace problems
  • Able to conduct systematic, scientific research, consultation and training in creating relevant, innovative practices
  • Possess skills to apply advanced knowledge learned on core business disciplines, modern techniques and tools for organization’s decision-making
  • Display creativity, critical thinking and ethical values in manging and transforming change in organizations within the dynamic global business environment.

This is why the first part of the journey involves students to sharpen their understanding on relevant theories and to build on advanced knowledge of core business disciplines. For this to happen, students will undertake six seminar papers identified to make impact on theoretical knowledge and strategic decisions. The second part of the journey will hone further students’ ability to generate new knowledge and disseminate them as they are introduced to both Research Methodology and Consultation and Training (CAT) courses. CAT is one of our capstone subjects. The last leg of the journey involves students to venture into another capstone course, i.e. dissertation.  

Overall, the DBA journey would provide students with experiences that leave them with 3R’s mark – Relevant, Respected, Referred to.