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Graduate School of Business Alumni

The Association logo portrays a figurine in a split circle. On the top half of the circle are
written the words “Graduate School of Business Alumni”, whilst the bottom half carries
the words “Universiti Sains Malaysia”.


Purple:: Members of the Association (ex-graduates and faculty members).
USM logo:: Foundations that nurtures the members of the Association to become knowledgeable, successful and socially responsible individuals.
Narrow rectangles:: Gradually extends upwards personifying growth of knowledge, experience and networking strength as the Association matures.
Two purple dots:: Connect the circular formation of the name of the Association and the university portray synergy, where the two bodies are supportive of each other in terms of sharing of knowledge and resources.



Purple:: Official corporate color of USM, combining the stability of blue and the energy of red. Overall, purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity, which are aligned with the objective and values of the Association.
Grey:: To emphasize the Association originates from the School of Management. Grey
has a stabilizing effect when mixed with other colors, symbolizing security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, dignity and maturity.


The club started as Advanced Business Alumni Association (ABAA) in the year of 2008. ABAA evolved to become the club to fulfill the needs of post graduate students. To fulfill the aspiration of USM’s APEX university status, Advanced Management Center (AMC) evolved to become Graduate School of Business (GSB). Since then, ABAA was renamed as Graduate School of Business Alumni in year 2010. Graduate School of Business Alumni stands as a supporting body for activities taking place in GSB, USM. The Alumni is in line with GSB’s objective in building a sustainable higher education, applied research, consultancy, and developing contemporary management practices.


To develop a platform of information exchange between ex-graduates and faculty members, for mutual benefit and assist faculty to excel in business education.


To create stimulating networking and professional development opportunities; which will be beneficial for both members and faculty, while strengthening the life-long relationship.


  1. To promote prestige of the USM postgraduate programs.
  2. To facilitate networking amongst ex-graduates and faculty members for mutual benefits.
    1. Professional enhancement.
    2. Career development.
    3. Knowledge-Experience sharing.
  3. To perpetuate a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility among Association members.
  4. To play an advisory role in providing the GSB with timely and contemporary feedback.


  1. Interaction day between alumni and GSB at Pulau Jerejak
  2. World Vision Famine 30 at USM
  3. GSB Alumni Reunion: Lunch and Bowling
  4. CNY Gathering
  5. GSB Alumni’s Raya Celebration with GSB Raya Open House
  6. GSB Alumni Recycling Culture for a Better Environment Campaign
  7. GSB Alumni Get Together and Bowling Tournament
  8. Sponsorship of School Uniform for Deserving (Poor) Students
  9. Grand Debate on “Business Sustainability Challenges: Outsource vs. In-House”
  10. Bowling Tournament

Students Stories/ Acknowledgements

“OMBA programme have realised many people’s dream of becoming an MBA graduate while at the same time busy struggling to excel in the career world. In my case, OMBA programme definately has become the very first option to continue my studies because of its flexibility of its virtual environment platform, classes timing, friendly lecturers and OMBA programme manager and rich knowledge. Personally I have also gained self confidence and skill on how to selfmanage my time between studies, career, family and entertainment. OMBA programme has definitely placed me in different level of personality and enriched my positive thinking on how we should look at things. “


“The class flexibility of USM GSB OMBA Programme enabled me to achieve my passion to pursue master’s degree otherwise it wouldnt have been possible. The standard of teaching and assessments are at par with on campus hence it add value to my qualification (it was tough academic journey but that is what made it priceless), although some have misconception that online is an easy route to get an MBA. The USM omba is a testimony that, mode of learning has nothing to do with the quality and the standard of the degree. The programme structure and lecturers dedications is a plausible effort by GSB to make OMBA as an innovative learning platform for students juggling with many responsibilities. OMBA has filled the gap for the one have passion for learning, with limited time.”


“As I progress my career from a software engineer to IT project manager, I was looking for a management course that can help me excel further. USM Online MBA has provided quality content which combines academic theory and real world application. It trained me to think critically, strategically and ethically in all aspects. It has helped to improve my leadership, communication and presentation skills which are essential in my day to day work. Above all, the program is an exceptional human experience of self-discovery which I have come out stronger and ready to accelerate my career growth.”


“The OMBA program has provided a very flexible platform for the working adults, where the OMBA students could access to the lectures wherever they are, as long as there is internet connection. Besides that the recorded sessions ease those who missed lectures (due to other commitments), and they could re-capture the delivered information conveniently. Due to the convenience of the online mode, the program has attracted students in various places across the country, as well as in other countries. The different background and knowledge were shared, increasing the general knowledge of other students. The strong background of the academic staffs, as well as the teaching enthusiasms that I felt from them have been motivating me to learn continuously. Besides that they are humble to learn from the students, as there are experienced students in other fields. This positive attitude has encouraged the students to learn from each other. USM’s GSB is a great place to study. With the strong team as well as the well learning environment will nurture more quality students, and in the future the GSB in USM will surely become one of the best business schools not only just in Malaysia, but also globally.”


“I have had years of managerial experience prior to pursuing the USM’S Online Master of Business Administration (OMBA) programme. To me the strength of the OMBA lies in its ability to bridge the gap between theories and real life managerial practices. Hence, I was able to put the experience into perspective and see it from new and various angles. It has indeed enriched and enhanced my leadership and managerial skills. I am prepared and confident to face future challenges because of it.”


“OMBA has given me flexibility to do my MBA. With my busy working schedule and family commitment, I don’t think I am able to do my MBA with a class room version. Thank you to GSB for creating this program!”


GSB Alumni Fund for Humanity

The GSB Alumni Fund for Humanity is launched on 21 September 2011 by wife of Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak vice chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia. The Graduate School of Business Alumni formed the fund to raise fund for the needy kids or orphanage kids residing in Penang. The fund raised will be channeled to help poor student to get academic assistance by helping to pay their education fees which will eventually ease the family or orphanage Centre’s burden. The fund will also be used to purchase books, stationery, school uniform and others which are related to education purpose only. Funds have to be generated through various activities throughout the year. The fund will raise from organised event such as eat durian for charity, recycle and donation from alumni members, friends, GSB staff and students. Past years, we managed to sponsor school uniforms, books, stationery and school bag for 150 students from 23 schools as listed below.

  1.  Sek. Keb. Bukit Gelugor (6 students)
  2. Sek Keb. Tan Sri P. Ramlee (7 students)
  3. Sek. Keb. Jalan Hamilton (Pendidikan Khas – 6 students)
  4. Sek Keb. Sungai Ara (5 students)
  5. SJKT Bayan Lepas (5 students)
  6. SJKC Yang Cheng (11 students)
  7. Sek Keb. Hutchings (5 students)
  8. SK Bukit Gambir (5 students)
  9. SK Jelutong Barat (15 students)
  10. SK Convent Lebuh Light (5 students)
  11. SK Francis Light (5 students)
  12. SJK (C) Keong Hoe (10 students)
  13. SJK (T) Jalan Sungai (15 students)
  14. SK Batu Lanchang (5 students)
  15. SK Jelutong (5 students)
  16. SK Dato Kramat (5 students)
  17. SK Perempuan Island (5 students)
  18. Methodist Girls School (5 students)
  19. SK Sungai Gelugor (5 students)
  20. SK Sungai Nibong (5 students)
  21. SK Jalan Residensi (5 students)
  22. SJK (C) Shih Chung (5 students)
  23. SK Seri Permai (5 students)

On behalf of the Alumni, I would like to grab this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to all donors.