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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Research Cluster is the backbone of GSB in its quest for nurturing responsible business leaders. This cluster aims to create a positive social impact on the local community, business community, and society at large, through multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research studies which connect socio-environmental-economic needs with business performance, which consequently are expected to improve the well-being of various stakeholders, As such, this cluster focuses on new frontiers in CSR, within the context of rebuilding society and preserving the environment that brings out innovation in systems of governance, application of new technologies, business operations, as well as, in ethical leadership. The research themes, henceforth, surrounds current transdisciplinary topics related to, but not limited to: sustainability science, sustainable cities and communities, management, and environment sustainability, social innovation through shared value creation, social enterprise business models, social entrepreneurship, operations/management practices within circular economy, corporate responsibility and social justice, and community-based entities/partnerships/organisations in stakeholder engagement.

In light of this, the key research interests of this cluster include:
  • Green Business Management and Strategy
  • Environmental Sustainability Management
  • Green Business
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Innovation
  • Business Ethics
  • Stakeholder Engagement
The core members of this cluster are as follows:

Assoc. Prof Dr. Ellisha Nasruddin (Cluster Head)
Prof. Dr. Azlan Amran
Dr. Cheah Sau Seng
Dr. Norfarah Nordin
Dr. Ooi Say Keat