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DBA Consultancy and Training

Welcome to DBA Consultancy and Training (CAT) at Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The main objective of the 2-semester course within the DBA programme is to equip DBA scholars with fundamental knowledge and skills in conducting business management consultancy services to the corporate clients in real-world business settings.

The CAT project is a collaborative effort between the consultant apprentices (the DBA scholars) under the guidance of the course facilitators and supervisors representing GSB and the clients. The training assignment is a joint effort of the scholars working in groups to conduct training needs analysis and stand up training sessions to the clients.

This course is aimed for the scholar to be able to experience, appreciate and build own knowledge on the principles, theories, concepts, practices, interpretations, techniques, strategies, and issues of consultancy and training which are essential for preparing them to gain experience as business management consultants. In the process, scholars are expected to enhance their confidence and develop skills in analysing, interpreting, and communicating facts/information on industry environment, business strategies, and tactical actions that happen (or predicted to happen) in the marketplace in their respective areas of expertise.

Via the project undertaken with their respective client, the scholars critically evaluate, identify symptoms and problems, synthesize critical issues, and provide sustainable as well as viable recommendations. This course also provides scholars with an in-depth understanding of determining training needs analysis, designing, developing, and implementing training plan to meet those needs. A broad set of organizational issues that provide the context for developing and implementing effective training are also discussed.

The outcomes of DBA CAT focus on attaining LVS, namely Learning, Value, and Sustainability for the clients, scholars, and GSB USM.