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Online MBA (EMBA)


The Online MBA programme was established in 2006 and within a short period of time, the Online MBA at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has managed to gain a reputation for its excellence in business and management education. The number of students enrolled has been increasing steadily since its establishment. At the dawn of IR 4.0, jobs that require creativity are likely to stay. Irrespective of discipline, Therefore, Education 4.0 must be able to produce highly creative graduates with the ability to think critically. Due to its student centred and holistic learning approach, as well as innovative and interactive teaching methodology, the Online MBA at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), USM continues to attract students with high potential of achieving academic excellence from many nationalities and diverse backgrounds.

In addition, the GSB academic faculty members consists of very experienced professors, associate professors and senior lecturers with diverse academic and industry backgrounds. The Online MBA at GSB is designed to produce business leaders who have the ability to integrate knowledge and past experiences to address complex business situation holistically. These leaders are also expected to be able to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving with wisdom and visionary thoughts among business leaders in managing change within the dynamic business environment.

The Online MBA Programme’s learning goals at the GSB, USM are agreed upon by the faculty and assessed by the Assurance of Learning Committee. They serve as a compass that leads the way for our students to be successful when they graduate.

These goals are;

1. Providing solid understanding on the knowledge within the relevant business disciplines.

Each of our students will be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of theories and knowledge of functional disciplines in an innovative business ecosystem.

2. Developing critical, innovative thinking, and problem solving.

Each student will be able to clearly identify and recognize business problems, use relevant information and formulate recommendations to solve business problems, especially in the era of IR 4.0.

3. Developing effective communication skills.

Each student will be able to make a public presentations in an organized manner, engage the audience as well as become a good listener. In addition, each student also will be able to demonstrate high proficiency in written communication.

4. Developing ethical and responsible leadership skills.

Each of our students will be able to identify ethical issues, consider all stakeholders and analyse decisions related to the ethical issues. Students will also demonstrate responsible leadership in the decisions.

5. Developing effective teamwork as well as awareness on business sustainability.?

We at the GSB, USM believe that in order to respond to the needs of IR 4.0, we will continue to play our role as the preferred place for educating the future graduates, ready to tackle IR 4.0 challenge. With our strong  collaboration with the industry and other stakeholders, our students will be able to experience the benefits from both worlds, the academia and also the industry.