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Our MBA programme is designed to help learners to meet their career challenges head on. It provides a rigorous and comprehensive general management curriculum, complemented by a mastery of cross functional skills. This is achieved by way of a hands-on learning experience as well as multimodal teaching strategies including cases, simulations and discussions. All that is necessary to transform one into a dynamic outcome oriented business leader.

Our program offers business education that is unique and holistic in nature. It equips learners with leadership skills that develop their capabilities in leading and managing organisation in the era of Industry Revolution 4.0. In addition, our 10 fundamental business courses also provide opportunities for learners to expand their analytical skills and knowledge through a host of exciting and practical courses.

Learners may also deepen their knowledge in the specific fields according to their interest and career requirements. Specific specialisations are available to students at GSB such as:


International Business (one semester abroad is compulsory)

Elective Courses (Elective Courses 12 units)

1. International Business Management
2. Global and Supply Chain Management
3. Entrepreneurship in Global Business
4. International Marketing

Service Science Management and Engineering (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Business Intelligence for Service Excellence
2. Productivity and Quality Management
3. Logistics and Distribution Management
4. Leadership for Transformation

Sustainable Development (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Natural Resources and Environmental Management
2. Social Enterprise
3. Green Business and Performance Assessment
4. Sustainability Concept and Issues

Governance and Control (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Project Management
2. Performance Measurement
3. Internal Audit Basics
4. Internal Audit Practices

Business Analytics (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Modern Database Management.
2. Data Visualizations for Business Communications.
3. Social Media and Social Network Analysis for Business.
4. Fundamentals of Internet-of-Things for Business

Innovation Management (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Innovation Breakthrough
2. Innovation Consulting Action Project
3. High Performance Innovation
4. Organisational Innovation Action Project

Digital Leadership (Elective Courses 12 units)

Elective Courses

1. Digital Leadership
2. Digital Human Resource Management
3. Digital Organizations
4. Business Model Innovation

Core courses (30 units)

• Accounting for Managers

• Economics for Business

• Technology and Information Management

• Marketing Management

• Managing People in the Organisation in Digital Age

• Advanced Business Statistics

• Operations and Service Management

• Financial Strategy

• Corporate Strategy and Policy

• Business Ethics and Governance

Research Project and Viva Voce (6 units)

Research and Consultancy

With the student population comprises of both local and international managers and professionals from various field, GSB itself is a fertile ground for peer learning and knowledge exchange for business leaders of the future. Students are equipped with holistic learning experience that prepare them for the challenges ahead. GSB graduates are indeed highly valued and sought after by both public and private sectors.