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Universiti Sains Malaysia, through the Institutional Sustainability Division under the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Network) (TNC BJIM), has led sustainability initiatives and introduced the concept of a green office. Each Responsibility Center (PTJ) has been assigned a role to make this initiative a success and collectively shoulder the responsibility to ensure that the culture and good practices of sustainability can be realized for the long term.

In response to this challenge, the Graduate School of Business (GSB) plans to launch the Sustainable Development and Green Office Program to integrate and seek the best approaches to achieve the mission of sustainable development on campus.



  • To cultivate awareness of sustainability practices within the governance system of GSB to create a conducive and sustainable environment.
  • To share knowledge and disseminate best sustainability practices in the workplace so that they can be adopted as a positive culture.
  • To implement sustainable development policies from various disciplines and expertise to broaden community awareness and sensitivity.
  • To introduce innovations that can involve key stakeholders of PTJ.

Organizational Chart


Performance Index – Infographic

  • Percentage of 5 focus areas
  • Total achievement of SDGs by activity