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Nurturing Business Sustainability

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Vision and Mission


To be a Reputable Business School for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Reputability, like respect, is earned not given. In our case, we define 'reputable' from three perspectives - academic, research and industry. Academically, our programmes are highly ranked and accredited by independent bodies. As a testament to that, the number of our students has increased steadily over the years. Meanwhile, from the research perspective, our colleagues have published in top-tier journals in various fields of research. Many of our colleagues have also been invited to speak at events, to share their insights. Finally, from the perspective of the industry, GSB academic staff have on many occasions, served as consultants to various firms, both international and local. The high level of representation of students from the industry, also serves as an indication that our programmes are industry relevant, and that the knowledge that we impart is current and practical.


GSB strives to nurture responsible business leaders with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to drive business sustainability.

In GSB, it is always our mission to nurture business leaders that would able to promote the synergy between long term business growth and socio-environmental wellbeing. Our programs is a result of close engagement with the industry with a clear intention to position ourself as a strong B-school in helping sustaining human kind. Our valueable students will be trained with a necessary skills and exlosed to the relevant knowledge in meeting the dynamic changes due to sustainability challenges. We simplifiy or mission by the following statement.