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GSB Summer Programme

The Graduate School of Business Summer Programme seeks to provide students the opportunities to study and live in a new country to enhance their international experience and to help develop their cross-cultural competencies. By participating in this programme, students will be able to:

  1. · Enhance their knowledge of the Malaysian cultural and entrepreneurship
  2. · Recognise and identify key aspects of business and entrepreneurship
  3. · Develop an interest in doing business in Malaysia
  4. · Embrace cultural diversity and recognise key similarities and differences in the business context


  1. · Participating in Entrepreneurship Course – Problem Based Learning approach by faculty members
  2. · Visiting Research Centres in USM: CHEST, Museum Tuanku Fauziah and Archaeology, School of the Arts
  3. · Visiting Multinational Companies and Small-Medium Enterprises in the Northern Region of Malaysia
  4. · Participating in cultural, teambuilding and adventure activities. Discovering the Heritage Trail and UNESCO’s historic city, buildings and art.

Spending time in a country as multicultural and multilingual as Malaysia, rich in cultural diversity can offer a unique and interesting educational experience to students. DISCOVER ALL OF ASIA IN MALAYSIA