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ASSOC. PROF. Ts. Dr. Teoh Ai Ping

DBA Programme Manager
Graduate School of Business
Universiti Sains Malaysia


  • Doctor of Business Administration, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2009.
  • Master of Science (Information Technology), Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2001.
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons.), Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2000.
  • Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional (CRCMP)
  • Certified Member, Institute of Strategic Risk Management (M.ISRM)
  • Certified in Training (HRDF TTT)
  • Professional Technologist (Field: Cyber Security Technology), Malaysia Board of Technologists.


Dr. Teoh Ai Ping holds the qualifications of Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Science (Information Technology), and Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons.). She is also a Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional by Risk Compliance Association (US) and is Certified in Training with HRDF Malaysia. Via her membership with professional bodies, i.e. Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia, Association for Computing Machinery US, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers US, Dr. Teoh continuously upgrades her knowledge and skills with up-to-date development in her areas of expertise.

Prior to joining USM, Dr. Teoh was one of the pioneer academics and Deputy Dean for School of Business and Administration at a private University. Before progressing to a career as an academic, she had substantial experience in the industry. Dr. Teoh started her career by practising in the accounting/finance functions in a multinational corporation within the EMS industry. She then embarked to being a Consultant, involving in consultancy projects for MNCs, local companies and international firms dealing mainly with implementation projects of Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and related areas.

Further to publishing research papers and conference proceedings, Dr. Teoh has authored three original writing books namely: Enterprise Risk Management and Firm Performance (ISBN:9789671414200); Consultancy & Training: Delivering Value for Business Sustainability (ISBN: 9789671414217) and Digital Leadership for Sustainable Business (ISBN: 9789671414224). She has also authored digital content in the topics of Business Intelligence; Digital Disruptions and Digital Leadership in Industry 4.0; which have been delivered via MOOCs course to University clients and professionals; as well as Online Training courses to corporate clients. She has registered two Copyrights of intellectual property as well. In recognition, Dr. Teoh has received 5 international Best Paper Awards and Innovator Award for her academic work in her academic career thus far. 

Dedicating to sharing of knowledge and developing talents while pursuing her continuous learning quests, Dr. Teoh actively supervises PhD, DBA and MBA students for  theses/dissertations/management projects. To date, she has graduated 50 MBA students, 4 DBA students and 2 PhD students.  She has also examined 19 PhD students, 5 DBA students and 21 MBA students. 

Dr. Teoh continuously contributes to the academic community and non-profit institutions. She has been appointed as Program Assessor to several Universities and academic institutions for their Accounting  programs. Besides, she is also appointed to contribute to the  Peer Review Team (Accounting Program) for The Alliance on Business and Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow. Dr. Teoh was involved as consultant for Projects and trainer for workshop by Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. In addition, she delivered keynote talks and guest lectures via invitations as visiting lecturer and research fellow to international Universities and Institutions in countries namely China (E.g. Peking University HSBC Business School, Beijing Normal University), Taiwan (E.g. Khun Shan University), South Korea (E.g. Hanyang Cyber University, Korea National Open University), Indonesia (E.g. Bina Nusantara University, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Tarumanagara University, University International Batam). 

In her contributions towards the industry and professional arena, Dr. Teoh was appointed as Assessor to international competitions organized by Accounting bodies such as CIMA.  She has been invited speaker to  industry talks nationally and internationally as well. Furthermore, Dr. Teoh was also appointed as Advisor to four companies in the manufacturing and service sectors. Dr. Teoh consistently delivers consultancy and training programs to corporate clients in her areas of specialization, i.e. Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Digital Leadership, and Online Education.

Dr. Teoh’s passion in delivering her duties as an educator is inspired by Confucius:

“In teaching, there should be no distinction of classes.”

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is the noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

“When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, then examine your inner self.”

“The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.”

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”

(Source: Quotes by Confucius)


Regular updates on Dr. Teoh’s work of passion in academic and industry are accessible at: 

Teaching and Research Areas


MBA: Technology and Information Management (2016 – current) ; Fundamentals of Internet of Things (2020 – current); Management Information Systems (2011 – 2016); Business Intelligence for Service Excellence (2011 – 2015); Service Systems Process and Development (2011- 2013); Internal Audit in Governance, Risk and Control (2012 – 2013); Internal Audit Engagement (2012 – 2013)

DBA: Consultancy and Training (DBA: 2012 – current); Seminar in Technology Management and Decision Making (DBA: 2018 – current).

Research Interest:

Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Systems, Forensic IT Auditing and Cyber security, IT Governance, Organizational Performance, Digital-based Education. 

Consultancy and Industrial Experience

Industry Experience:

Finance Officer, MNC in EMS industry; Consultant for Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Risk Management, Organizational Performance Optimization, Business Feasibility Assessment and Stakeholders Analysis, and Online Education and Training.

Corporate Clients and Sectors:  Small Medium Enterprises, Public Listed Companies, Government-linked Companies, and Multinational Corporations, in key sectors including manufacturing, financial services, medical & healthcare, education, and retail.



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