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Ts. Dr. Ali Vafaei Zadeh

Senior Lecturer
Graduate School of Business
Universiti Sains Malaysia


  • Ts. Professional Technologists- Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT), 2021
  • Ph.D., Operation Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • MBA, Production and Materials Management, University of Pune, India.
  • Bachelor of Industrial Management, Allameh University, Iran.


Ali Vafaei-Zadeh is currently working as a senior lecturer at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He holds a PhD in Operation Management, MBA in production and materials management and bachelor in industrial management. He is actively involved in research projects regarding technology management and innovation. He can be contacted at

Teaching and Research Areas

Teaching: Data Visualizations for Business Communications, Business Intelligence for Service Excellence, Global Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution Management.

Research Interest: Technology and Innovation Management. 

Consultancy and Industrial Experience

Three years of working experience as a production and manufacturing manager in the industries.

Selected Publications

Hakkak, K. Nawaser, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, H. Hanifah, Determination of Optimal Leadership Styles through Knowledge Management: A Case from the Automotive Industry, Int. J. Innov. Technol. Manag. 18 (2021).

N.A.A. Md Azmi, A.P. Teoh, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, H. Hanifah, Predicting information security culture among employees of telecommunication companies in an emerging market, Inf. Comput. Secur. (2021).

A. Vafaei-Zadeh, S.X. Ng, H. Hanifah, A. Ping Teoh, K. Nawaser, Safety Technology Adoption: Predicting Intention to Use Car Dashcams in an Emerging Country, Int. J. Innov. Technol. Manag. (2021).

H. Hanifah, N. Abd Halim, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, K. Nawaser, Effect of intellectual capital and entrepreneurial orientation on innovation performance of manufacturing SMEs: mediating role of knowledge sharing, J. Intellect. Cap. (2021).

A. Vafaei-Zadeh, T. Ramayah, H. Hanifah, S. Kurnia, I. Mahmud, Supply chain information integration and its impact on the operational performance of manufacturing firms in Malaysia, Inf. Manag. 57 (2020) 103386.

H. Hanifah, H.A. Halim, N.H. Ahmad, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, Can internal factors improve innovation performance via innovation culture in SMEs?, Benchmarking. 27 (2020) 382–405.

A. Vafaei-Zadeh, H. Hanifah, B. Foroughi, Y. Salamzadeh, Knowledge leakage, an Achilles’ heel of knowledge sharing, Eurasian Bus. Rev. 9 (2019) 445–461.

H. Hanifah, H. Abdul Halim, N.H. Ahmad, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, Emanating the key factors of innovation performance: leveraging on the innovation culture among SMEs in Malaysia, J. Asia Bus. Stud. 13 (2019) 559–587.

A. Vafaei-Zadeh, R. Thurasamy, H. Hanifah, Modeling anti-malware use intention of university students in a developing country using the theory of planned behavior, Kybernetes. 48 (2019) 1565–1585.

S.M. Rasoolimanesh, B. Taheri, M. Gannon, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, H. Hanifah, Does living in the vicinity of heritage tourism sites influence residents’ perceptions and attitudes?, J. Sustain. Tour. 27 (2019) 1295–1317.

A. Vafaei-Zadeh, T. Ramayah, W.P. Wong, H. Md Hanifah, Modelling internet security software usage among undergraduate students: A necessity in an increasingly networked world, VINE J. Inf. Knowl. Manag. Syst. 48 (2018) 2–20.

H. Hanifah, H.A. Halim, N.H. Ahmad, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, Innovation culture as a mediator between specific human capital and innovation performance among bumiputera SMEs in Malaysia, in: Handb. Res. Small Mediu. Enterp. Dev. Ctries., 2017: pp. 261–279.

H. Hanifah, H.A. Halim, N.H. Ahmad, A. Vafaei-Zadeh, Understanding the innovation culture towards innovation performance among Bumiputera SMEs, Int. J. Econ. Res. 14 (2017) 279–293.



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